Honorary Secretary
Association of Physician of India ( U.P. Chapter),
Dept. of Medicine, K.G’s. Medical University, Lucknow – 226003.

We hereby propose the admission of

(Mention the discipline in which postgraduate qualification obtained)
Year of Obtaining first postgraduate qualification

To the best of our knowledge and belief, the above particulars are correct and we consider him/her a fit and proper person to be admitted as a member of the association.

Subject to approval of the Governing Body in a Special Meeting, I agree to become a member and if admitted, to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Association.

Photocopy of registration with UP Medical Council of India or the Central Medical Council of India.
Photocopy of the postgraduate qualification.

Life membership Subscription (Inclusive of Admission Fee) Rs. 4000/- ( Rupees Four thousand only) is pay with PayPal.


There are two categories of membership:

1. Life Member – Any person who is a member of Central body of Association of Physicians of India and is residing in Uttar Pradesh of India is eligible to become life member of U.P.Chapter. Central API membership is permissible to those who hold a postgraduate degree M.D or D.M. or its equivalent in Internal Medicine from any institution or University recognised by the Medical Council of India or approved by the Governing body of the Association of Physicians of India provided he/she is not engaged in general or dispensing practice. Internal Medicine includes specialities such as Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Diabetology, Nephrology, Neurology, Clinical Hematology, Chest, Immunology, Rheumatology, Medical Oncology, Psychiatry, Pediatric Medicine, Dermatology, Radiation Medicine, Ultrasonography and others approved by Governing Body.

2. Associate Life Member: – There are three categories of Associate Life Member:

Those who are eligible to become Ordinary or Life member of Central body of API but have not become so far.
Any person holding a postgraduate degree or diploma recognized by Medical Council of India in any branch of Medical Science but is not eligible to become life member is eligible to become Associate Life Member.
Provisional Associate Member: A Postgraduate student in Medicine may be enrolled as “Provisional Associate Member” on payment of full membership fees of the chapter. Such Membership will ordinarily last for five years unless the member informs about completion of postgraduate courses. In such cases he/she will be considered for Life Member/Associate Life Members as per fulfillment of the requirement.


Associate Life Member shall not have right to vote, propose, second or contest any position of the governing body. They shall also not be entitled for participation, except when stated otherwise, in any “Award Session” or for recommendation for any distinction conferred by the U.P. Chapter.
Photocopy of this form can also be used.